Monday, October 09, 2006

William and Alice Foley (cont'd)

We discovered earlier that William and Alice Foley lived in a small village near Clashmore and Youghal named Pilltown. The last week new understandings and information have been found to clarify some details.

First, we are trying to locate the burial sites for William and Alice in County Waterford. To that end, I subscribe to a number of different message boards where people share this kind of research. Last week, someone sent out a link to the Waterford County Library as they have a listing of many of the people who deceased after 1864. It was in that year, that it became mandatory to report deaths. Records prior to that time were sketchy and largely based on church records.

I had prowled around that site long ago but had not revisited it since we discovered that Alice was Alice, not Bridget as previously thought. So I returned and looked for a record of Alice, William and their daughter Bridget Carey, with whom William was reportedly living when he passed on.

After some sleuthing, I found a very plausible records for all three of them based on what we know.

First, I discovered a record that showed Alice Foley who died on February 12, 1867, at the age of 75 years. Our Alice was married to William in 1817. This was the only Alice that would be of marrying age, 25, in 1817. Her death "informant" was Bridget Carey, who was present at her death in Holy Well. Her death was recorded in Clashmore District, Union of Youghal. She was married, although it does not say her husband's name. Lastly, her place of residence is listed as Ballysalough. I have so far been unable to find any record of Ballysalough. There are no contradictions with any previous records or family history and there are three similarities: age, married and daughter's name. I believe this to be our Alice.

Next I looked for William. I found a William Foley who died on May 3, 1872, at the age of 73 years. He was listed as a widower. He died in Monatra where he resided, again in Clashmore District and the Union of Youghal. His death Informant was Margaret Fitzgerald. Alice was a Fitzgerald. This may be a relation from Alice's side of the family. Again, there are no inconsistencies with any previous information, and there are similarities again: right age, he would have been 18 and younger than Alice when they married but still the correct generation, his wife preceded him in death.

Lastly, I looked for a record of Bridget Carey's death and found one. Dying on June 2, 1890, at the age of "about 70 years". Also living in Monatra at the time of her death, the same as William. Our Bridget would have been born in January 1818, making her 72 in 1890. Her death was reported by William Carey, son-in-law. This is somewhat confusing as her sons would be Careys not her sons-in-law. She is listed as a widow. We know very little about her family. The record says that her husband had been a market-gardener. No inconsistencies and this Bridget can be tied to both William and Alice.