Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New "Stuff"

Having bought Family Tree Maker software some time ago, I have been studiously entering information into one spot. The tree was growing nicely.
One disappointment had been that this purchase included a one month subscription to Ancestry.com. I had not been able to get my account established and was still going to the Davenport Public Library to search. Well, I finally figured it out and voila, new information has deluged me ever since.
New discoveries:
1. Michael Foley, his soon-to-be wife Bridget O'Brien, his brother Patrick and Patrick's wife Mary, all came to America together on the ship Lesmahagow, arrivng in Massachusetts on May 3, 1852. Lesmahagow is the name of a city in Scotland. The ship came from Tralee to Liverpool. I am still looking for the exact destination in Massachusetts, probably near Cohasset.
2. Michael's brother Edmund and his sister Ellen both settled in Abington, Massachusetts and we may still have relatives there. They were both entered into the census next to each other , may have been next door neighbors. Edmund was born in 1835, Ellen in 1832. Ellen was married to Patrick O'Donnell.
3. Ellen and Patrick O'Donnell had twin sons Nicholas and William, son Thomas and daughters Mary and Alice.
4. Edmund and Margaret Foley had daughters Alice, Ellen, Mary, Margaret and Annie along with a son, William. Annie was the baby and Edmund would die before her 8th birthday.
5. Michael and Bridget Foley's daughter Alice buried two husbands before the age of 45, both due to accidental deaths. Her first husband Patrick Dunbar died in a train accident. Her second husband, Charles Whitcomb "Red" Donohue, died in an electrical explosion at his laundry in Champaign-Urbana.
6. Michael and Bridget Foley's daughters Delia and Ellen both never married and lived together in Chicago. They were housekeepers and kitchen help and may have worked for religious.
I need to especially thank my new-found cousin, Karen Malone who filled in many of the gaps, in particular about Alice Foley Dunbar Donohue. Alice was the oldest daughter and had an interest in family genealogy which she passed down through the generations to Karen.


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