Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Patrick Foley, Civil War Veteran UPDATE

This blog previously featured a story on Civil War Veteran Patrick Foley.
The National Archives has now provided his military records.

Patrick Foley was born in Ireland in 1815, making him 50 years old when he joined the Union Army in Alton Illinois in 1865. He worked as a farmer and the $100 bounty he was offered to enlist may have been the reason to join.
He joined Company H of the 150th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry on February 6, 1865. He had dark hair and gray eyes and was 5'7" tall when he agreed to a one year enlistment offered by Captain Collins.

On July 8, 1865, Patrick became sick while serving garrison duty in the Atlanta area and was sent to the Crittenden U S Army General Hospital in Louisville Kentucky. His diagnosis was encephaloid tumor of the neck and abdomen.

On October 19, 1865 Patrick wrote the following letter from the hospital to Brigadier General R. E. Wood, Asst Surgeon General U.S. Army


I have the honor to request a special transfer to the U. S. General Hospital at Springfield Ills.
Very Respectfully,
Your Obedient Servant,
Patrick Foley
Pvt Co "H" 150 Ills

Patrick's request was granted and he was transferred to the Camp Butler Hospital, presumably because it was closer to home, where he passed away on December 17, 1865.

Patrick only served in the military from February to July of 1865 and therefore only collected one third of his promised bounty. He was owed $70.50 for pay not received when he died.

Based on the Foley family history handed down, I believe that Patrick is the brother to Michael, this blog's namesake and my great-great grandfather. He would be my great-great uncle. I believe from family histories handed down that Patrick and Michael came to the United States together.


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