Friday, October 14, 2005

An Autumn Day to Remember

Friday October 14, 2005, was a bright, sunny day in the upper Midwestern United States. The kind of day that college students anticipate for a football weekend. The kind of day that senior citizens enjoy a drive in the country to take in the changing of leaves from vibrant green to luminescent yellows and oranges. The kind of day for enjoying the discovery of new things and observing the changes in the eternal cycle of life. The kind of day that inspires poets, writers and musicians to reach your soul with their artistry.
It was a perfect day as we set on the road from Davenport Iowa, where coincidentally new windows were being installed in our home and it was good luck that we had planned to be road warriors and could not be under foot.
We drove from Davenport at 9:00 AM with a destination of Champaign Illinois and then Teutopolis Illinois. The missions was simple: find the burial plots of my great-great grandparents Michael and Bridget Foley. It turned into more than that and there must have been a higher power leading our way. There were far too many coincidences to think that we were just lucky travelers.
I have decided to break this story down into parts. One will be about Michael, one Bridget another the charming city of Teutopolis or "T-Town" as all the locals call it. Pictured above is a serene lake setting adjacent to Saint Francis Cemetery In Teutopolis. Bridget is resting near here.
I hope to be able to do justice to this day and to Michael and Bridget and their memory. It is the kind of day for that.


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