Monday, January 01, 2007

Our Land

Our land in Ireland

The above link will take you to a terraserver image from the Globe Explorer satellite of the area around Pilltown, Clashmore, Ardmore and Youghal, County Waterford Ireland.

Those of you anxious to see a picture of the land that the Foleys in Ireland walked on can take a peak. You can make out the fields, demarked by the "patchwork" look. This is because the land is very rocky and as it was cleared, the farmers made rock walls between their fields. This was done centuries ago but still exists across Ireland. William Foley worked as a tenant farmer in these fields from the early 1800s on. He raised his family in these fields, went to church nearby, and ultimately was buried in these fields. I find it fascinating that I can sit at my desk in Davenport, Iowa, USA and see a picture of this land of our William.


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