Monday, May 01, 2006

William and Alice of Piltown, Part II

Continuing the validation of William Foley and Alice Fitzgerald as our Waterford great great great grandparents, I began to follow up on another one of their daughters. I had previously searched for Ellen Foley, their daughter who married Patrick O'Donnell. It was through her marriage record that I found the first name of Alice to be William's wife. However, on Michael (my great great grandfather and Ellen's brother) record of marriage, he listed his parents as William and Bridget.
I determined that a third source would prove or disprove the correct first name.
Mary Foley was another sister to Michael and Ellen who also came to the United States. Our written family history states that she married in Boston and died within the year. I felt she was the perfect candidate for further research since their should be a marriage and a death record for her. The name of her husband was not recorded.
After searching a relatively short period of time, I found a Mary Foley who had married a Mr. Patrick Rooney on January 10, 1858, in Quincy Massachusetts. She listed her home as being Cohasset Massachusetts, the same as Ellen would do the next year when marrying. Cohasset is also where Michael was living in 1857 when my great grandfather Daniel was born.
Mary also listed her parents as William and Alice. This was the further validation that I had hoped for. But just to close up any loose ends, I looked for a record of Mary's death. She was 19 when she married the 21 year old Patrick Rooney and she died of consumption within six months, on June 29, 1858. The time of her death removes any doubt as to the validity of William and Alice being the correct ancestors.


At 10:11 PM, Blogger Madison Beirne said...


This is Madison Beirne, daughter of Shannon Beirne, who's the daughter of Don Foley. I was just wondering if you could update everything to 2006. So I would be on it, and my mother, father, siblings...etc. If you need any information you can e-mail me, or just e-mail my mom and she'll send it to me.

At 2:46 AM, Blogger Daniel M. Foley, Sr. said...

Madison, as you know there are loads of predators in the USA. Becuase of this, I have tried to keep the blog "sort of" anonymous,at least as far as living persons go. This is especially true for any information about minors. Hope you understand.


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